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Legal Notice

bizmeka EZ Privacy Policy

Chapter 1. General Provisions
KT Corporation (hereinafter KT or the Company) values the privacy of its customers and is committed to effectively administering and safely protecting the personal information of its customers. The Company complies with 『Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.』 and other privacy related laws and regulations. In addition, the Company has also established and complies with its own Privacy Policy, which can easily be accessed through our website.
  • 1. ‘Personal Information’ means information on an individual such as symbols, characters, voice, video or biometric traits which can identify the person (including data which cannot distinguish a specific person by itself, but can easily identify the person by combining with other information).
  • 2. The Company values the Personal Information of its customers, and complies with 『Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and information Protection, etc.』 and other related laws and regulations.
  • 3. Through this Privacy Policy, the Company informs its customers of the purpose and method of use for your Personal Information collected as well as measures that are taken to protect Personal Information.
  • 4. This Privacy Policy of KT may be modified to reflect changes in relevant related laws and regulations or internal policy. Changes in this Privacy Policy and reasons for changes will be notified without delay on the homepage (
  • 5. In the event of transfer of customer’s Personal Information by reasons of any assignment of all or parts of the Company’s business, merger or otherwise, the Company will individually notify of such to customers in writing or through e-mail. In case customer’s contact information cannot be located without fault of the Company, the Company will notify of such by posting in recognizable manner for no less than 30 days on the front page of the website (
    If there is a justifiable reason not to give the notification on the homepage such as the reason of a natural disaster, the homepage notification can be replaced with at least one publication each in two or more central daily newspapers (local daily newspapers is acceptable if the majority of customers live in a specific location).
Chapter 2. Collection and Use of Personal Information
  • 1. KT collects minimal personal information necessary for subscription,  consultation, or to provide service.
  • 2. KT does not collect any information that may significantly infringe the rights of customers such as, ideological or political traits, creed, family relations, academic history, health conditions, other social activity records absent agreement to collection of such information.  However, in the event that the customer consents to the collection of such personal information or collection of such personal information is specially permitted under other applicable laws and regulations, KT may  collect the minimal aforementioned personal information to the extent necessary.
  • 3. Collected personal information and the purpose of collection/use are as follows:
Purpose of Collection/Use Personal Information Item
Identification/authentication of the user regarding service subscription, service membership registration/update process Name of the applicant or (legal) representative, Corporate(Business) Registration Number, Birthdate, Gender, Mobile Phone Number,  Connection Information, Duplication Information, Address, Contact Number, E-mail Address
Delivering notifications, Providing guides regarding service provision, Confirming personal opinion, Processing User Inquiries and Complaints regarding Service Usage, Sending the bill, Delivering the Goods(Device/Gifts etc.), Performing demographic analysis (age/gender/locational analysis etc.) and user behavior type/preference analysis for service quality control, Introducing· Recommending· Confirming Subscription Intention of · Receiving Applications for the goods/services that are supplied under our company or the goods, services and discount system provided by KT Group /partner/affiliated company or in partnership with them. Customer Retention, Collecting agreements of privacy policy, Marketing activities and CRM such as giving information on customer benefit or event Name, Contact Number, Mobile Phone Number, E-mail Address
Consulting·Giving Discounts·Charging (individual / integrated / total)·Notifying·Paying·Collecting Bills, Settling of service charges or outsourcing  fee Name of Bill Payer, Birthdate, Financial Information Such as Account(Card) Number, Mobile Phone Number, Address, Relationship with applicant
To comply with relevant laws or regulations or to collect or use personal information created during the service use or during the service  processing Service Usage Information such as Subscription Stop Record, Subscription Stop/Cancel Reason, Original spam messages and Sender Telecommunication companies that are blocked by the spam blocking service, Access IP, Payment Record, Subscribed Contents, Cookies, etc.
e-Tax Invoice Service Provision (Only for applicable Users) CEO Name, Name of the Person-in-charge, Contact Number, ID, Password, E-mail Address
Providing Scrapping Service  with regards to , Accounting, and Auto-Proof service (Only for applicable Users) Home Tax authentication certificate and its password, Credit Finance Association ID, Credit Finance Association password, Card Company Name, Card Type (Personal, Corporate), Card Number, Card Nickname, Card Company ID, Card Company password, Bank Name, Account Number, Account password, Currency Code, Birthdate, Last digits of Birthdate, Account Nickname
Chapter 3. Method of Collection
KT collects Personal Information by using the following method:
  • A. Collection of personal information through subscription of members by means of subscription application form, internet website, submitting and scanning identification card, telephone or fax; consultation via telephone or Internet, submission of information to register for in a giveaway or to request a delivery; and
  • B. Collection of information generated during service use or operational processing, collection of information provided by affiliated companies, or collection using tools that enables collection of generated information
Chapter 4. Consent to Collection/Use of Personal Information
  • 1. Collection of personal information is subject to applicable laws or regulations under which the Company shall either (i) notify and obtain consent from customers with regard to the purpose of collecting or using personal information as well as the information on the provision and entrustment of personal information to a third party, or (ii) notify of such via Privacy Policy.
  • 2. When joining or using the service on website (including mobile) the customer may click on the ‘Consent’ or ‘Do not Consent’ button for collect and use of personal information, provision of personal information to a third party, and entrustment of managing  personal information etc. that are specified under ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ that are listed in the Company homepage (
Chapter 5. Personal Information Retention and Use Period
  • 1. KT may retain and use your personal information during the service period or period of dispute settlement
    • A. Service subscription period (from the date of subscription to termination)
    • B. Said information may be retained up to six (6) months after termination or full payment to cope with possible disputes arising from erroneous charge, overpayment, etc.;
    • C. Said information may be retained until the dispute related to charges or payments is resolved (unless any special laws and regulations prescribe otherwise).
  • 2. Pursuant to Article 85.3 of the Framework Act on National Taxes, the following Personal Information will be retained after termination of the service.
    • A. Items to be retained : Customer Name, Customer Identification Number(Resident Registration Number etc.), Phone Number(Mobile/Fixed ), Billing details (Charged Amount, VAT Amount, Paid Amount, Billing  Date, Payment Date), Payment Method, Payer’s Name, provided  Service, amount/cause of discount, , Billing Address and so forth
    • B. Retention Period : five (5) years
  • 3. Personal information may be retained in the following cases, for the time specified below;
    • A. Record regarding Marks/Advertisements: 6 months (Act on the Customer Protection in  Electronic Commerce, Etc.)
    • B. Record about Contract or Service order cancellation : 5 years (Act on the Customer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.)
    • C. Record about Payment and Supply of Goods: 5 years (Act on the Customer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.)
    • D. Record about Customer Complaint or Dispute Resolution: 3 years (Act on the Customer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.)
    • E. Record about Collecting/Processing and Using Credit Information: 3 years (Credit Information Use and Protection Act)
Chapter 6. Personal Information Destruction Procedure and Method
In principle, after attaining its objectives of collection/use of personal information, KT will destroy the information without delay. The destruction procedure and method are as follows:
  • 1. Destruction Procedure
    • A. After attaining the objectives of collection / use of personal information, the personal information of the customer will be transferred to a separate DB(File in case of paper documents) and will be destroyed after being stored there for the certain period according to KT’s internal policy and laws and relations concerned (Refer to Retention and Use Period).
    • B. Once the personal information is moved to a separate DB, it will not be used for any reasons other than retention, except for the cases stated otherwise by law.
  • 2. Destruction Method
    • A. Personal Information written or printed on paper (in writing): Disposal by shredding or burning.
    • B. Personal Information recorded as  electronic files in database  : Unrecoverable destruction by using appropriate technological means
Chapter 7. Sharing and Providing of Collected Personal Information
KT will use  the personal information of the customer within the scope of ‘Terms of Use’ or ‘Privacy Policy’, and does not share or provide the information outside the specified scope. However, there are some exceptions following the guidelines and procedures given by law when there is a prior consent of the customer, or when there are special regulations according to the related law (Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Framework Act on National Taxes, etc.).

1. KT will provide the following information to the customer who agreed to join the Service.
Information Recipient Provided Personal Information Purpose for Use
Other members that belong to the same group E-mail Address, Mobile Phone Number, Name Using EZ Service
Korea Mobile Certification Inc. Name, Mobile Phone Number, Birthdate, Gender, Domestic/Foreign Info. Authenticating Identity through Mobile Phone
DAOU Tech., Inc. Card Number, Card Company, Valid Period, Birthdate, Business Registration Number, First 2 Digits of Card Password Auto-Card Payment
KIBNET Inc. Bank Name, Account Number, Account Holder Name, Account Holder Contact Info, Birthdate, Business Registration Number CMS Account Transfer
2. Use and Retention Period of the Provided Information : KT may use the Information during Service Use Period (subscription date ~ termination date), and may retain the personal information until 6 months after the service termination  in consideration of possible dispute regarding payment settlement, overpaid/erroneous charges. However, if there are unpaid/overpaid charges, KT may retain personal  information until resolution of such unpaid/overpaid charges or it may retain applicable Information pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained, exceptions will apply in the following cases;
  • - When the customer gives prior consent or when it is extremely difficult to receive consent from the customer for required personal information due to economic or technical reasons in order to implement service contract
  • - When it is required for payment settlement for Service
  • - When there are applicable laws and regulations or when there is a legitimate request from competent authority for investigative purposes, KT may provide the applicable personal information in accordance with established rules and principles.
Chapter 8. Entrustment of Processing of the Personal Information Management
KT entrusts processing of the Personal Information to external data processors (“trustees”) to provide the service and to enhance customer service.  KT manages each trustee by way of entering into an entrustment agreement, through which such trustee is required (i) to comply with the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, (ii) to protect the Personal Information and maintain confidentiality obligations, (iii) to prohibit transfer or disclosure of the Personal Information to third parties, (iv) to be liable for damages, and (v) to return or destroy the Personal Information immediately after the termination of the entrustment period.

ㅇ Trustees and Entrusted items
Trustees Entrusted  Items
KTIS Customer consultation, complaints handling, and  processing of new subscription / transfer / termination
KTCS Processing new/transfer/termination of service and operating call center for payment
Korea Investors Service Inc Arrears Management (debt – clearing)
NICE Holdings
MIRAE Credit Information Services Corp
Koryo Credit Information Co., Ltd.
Korea Mobile Certification Inc. Mobile phone identity authentication, real name verification information, connected information (CI), duplicated information (DI)
LG CNS - Operating service and managing customers
- Operating and Maintaining Customer DB Computing System
- Customer consultation and complaints handling
KWIC Co. Ltd. Scrapping Service including ‘Customer’, ‘Accounting’ & ‘Proof’ functions
Brenex Inc. Electronic Tax Invoice service.
Chapter 9. Sharing and Providing Collected Personal Information

KT will not without prior written consent of customers disclose personal information of the customers to third parties except for the following cases:

  • 1. A. In the event that it is necessary for payment settlement; or
  • 2. B. when required by laws or regulations and KT discloses personal information in accordance with rules and procedures under relevant laws and regulations (Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Framework Act on National Taxes, etc.)
Chapter 10  Rights of User /Legal Representative and its exercise
  • 1. You are entitled to search or change your personal information in the member information menu or withdraw your consent to collection, use or provisioning of your personal information in the member withdrawal menu.
  • 2. You are entitled to visit KT’s office and request verification or modification of your personal information or you may do so through phone call or online (refer to homepage user information update menu.) To withdraw user membership (or withdraw consent), the customer may fill in the ‘Withdrawal Application’ form and submit the completed application form to KT , or in case of website customer, the customer may withdraw by clicking on the ‘Membership Withdrawal’ after verification of the customer’s identification.
  • 3. In case a customer requests to view or update his/her personal information or withdraws the consent to collectionㆍuseㆍprovision of personal information, KT will verify the customer’s identity by requiring a copy of identification document such as residence registration card, passport or driver’s license (new version).
  • 4. In the event that your legal representative requests to view or update the personal information of yours or withdraws the consent on collectionㆍuseㆍprovision of your personal information, KT will verify if the claimed legal representative is the authorised legal representative of you by requiring power of attorney, identification document of the claimed legal representative, and authentication certificate of your seal.
  • 5. You are entitled to view or request to provide your personal information and KT will take necessary measures to process your request without any undue delay.
  • 6. If you request for correction of your personal information, KT will make the relevant correction immediately or notify you of the reason why the correction cannot be made or take any necessary measures, and KT will not use or provide your personal information until the necessary measures are taken. In addition, if incorrect information has been provided to a third party, an immediate notification will be made to the third party so that correction will be applied without delay. Notwithstanding the foregoing, KT may disclose or use the relevant personal information if requested pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations.
  • 7. Upon termination or deletion request of your personal information, KT will process the personal information in accordance with the “Personal Information Retention and Use Period”, and will take measures not to view or use such personal information except for the purpose specified in the Personal Information Retention and Use.
Chapter 11. Installation & Operation of Automatic Personal Information Collector and Its Refusal

KT uses ‘cookies’ to search and store information as necessary to operate the website. Cookies are very small text files of information about the basic setting of a website, sent by KT’s web server to the web browser of the website user and stored in the hard disk. Security settings of your browser may be set to control whether to allow or reject information collection through cookies.

  • 1. Collection of information through cookies and its purpose
    • A. Collected data: Information on service usage such ID, access IP, access log and content used.
    • B. Purpose of Collection
      ㅇ To provide differentiated information according to your area of interest.
      ㅇ To use user frequency/duration-analysis for KT’s reference purposes such as to suggest additional solutions or service enhancements.
  • 2. You may choose whether or not to use cookies. The level of information collected by cookies may be set by adjusting the Internet options of your web browser.
    • A. To adjust the level of collected information, go to [Internet Options] → [Security] → [Custom Level] from the [Tools] menu of your web browser
    • B. By using the above menu, setting may be adjusted to confirm whenever cookies are saved or block cookies altogether. Note, however, that refusal to install cookies may render certain services unavailable.
Chapter 12. Technical and Administrative Protection for Personal Information

KT takes the following technical and administrative measures in order to protect your personal information from loss, theft, leakage, falsification, or damage.

[Technical Protection]
  • 1. Personal information is protected by a password, and files or transmitted data of important information are protected by separate security features, such as coding and locking.
  • 2. Software vaccines are used to prevent damage by computer viruses. Software vaccines are regularly updated, and when a new virus is discovered, new software vaccines, if available, will be immediately applied to prevent personal information from being exposed.
  • 3. A security device (SSL) is adopted to safely transmit personal information and personal authorization data on the network.
  • 4. In order to prevent the personal information of customers from being leaked by hackers, a system is installed in the areas where access is restricted, a device is used to block trespassing, and an intruder detection system is set up for 24-hour monitoring.
[Administrative Protection]
  • 1. KT has established internal administrative procedures to safely handle the personal information of customers and to require all of its employees and partners to understand and comply with such procedures, and KT periodically monitors compliance with such procedures.
  • 2. KT limits the number of staff handling personal information of customers to the minimum and controls their access authority. By regularly providing internal and externally outsourced training classes regarding the acquisition of new security technologies and duties to protect personal information, the Company trains the staff to abide by the law and policy. The staff members who handle personal information are as follows:
    • A. Staff who directly or indirectly deal with customers and execute operations relating to marketing
    • B. Staff who is in charge of operations related to the management and protection of personal information, including the Personal Information Control Manager and Personal Information Administrator
    • C. Staff who are inevitably required to handle such personal information in the course of their duties
  • 3. When recruiting a new employee, and once a year, all directors and employees of KT are required to sign a privacy protection pledge to prevent leakage  of information (including personal information) by employees. Our employees are continuously reminded of their obligation to protect personal information, and adherence is monitored according to internal procedures to ensure compliance.
  • 4. Hand-over procedures for personal information managers are conducted in a security-enhanced environment, and KT clearly states employee’s responsibility towards infringement of personal information upon hire and termination of employment.
  • 5. For purposes of regulating access, KT designates computer rooms and data storage rooms as restricted areas.
  • 6. KT takes appropriate measures to confirm identity when collecting or providing payment information such as bank accounts or credit card numbers necessary for service agreements or to provide service.
  • 7. KT shall not be liable for any damage caused by the Customer’s negligence or due to inherent risks of the Internet. Customers are responsible for the management of ID and passwords to protect Personal Information.
Chapter 13. Personal Information Control Division & Contact Information
In order to protect personal information and handle with complaint/inquires of personal information, KT will designate and operate the following division. . KT values the opinion of customers. If you have any question, please visit a nearby KT office or branch or call KT’s call center or the manager in charge of Personal Information management, and we will respond in timely and accurate manner.
  • 1. Personal Information Control Division and Contact Information
    • A. Personal Information Control Manager: Jang, Seok Su, Vice President of KT Business Solution Division
      ㅇ Phone No. : 080-2580-007
      ㅇ E-mail :
    • B. Personal Information Administrator: Kim, Seong won, Senior manager of KT Business Solution Division
      ㅇ Phone No. : 080-2580-007
      ㅇ E-mail :
  • 2. Reports or questions on infringement of personal information may be directed to the following organizations:
    • A. Personal Information Infringement Report Center: / 118(Without National Code)
    • B. the Cyber Criminal Investigation Section of the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office: / 02-3480-3571
    • C. Cyber Safety Bureau of the National Police Agency: / 1566-0112
Article 14. Announcement of Privacy Policy
Date of Announcement : 2016/08/25
Effective Date : 2016/08/31